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An intriguing and timely new book from economist David L. Hammes, now available in paperback or as an e-book…

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Listen to David Hammes discuss his book on public radio's The Conversation. Note that the interview with David is about 35 minutes into the July 20, 2012, program. (Search site under "Hammes.")


from the Introduction:

"When looked at through Edison-colored lenses, current Federal Reserve policy, trail-bossed by Ben Bernanke, does seem to have been lifted out of Edison's guidebook. Wouldn't that amuse the old inventor! Consider our currrent monteary system as you read this."

from reviewers:

"A smart, lively account of a revealing episode in economic history … A detailed, highly readable exposition of Edison's complex scheme and its surprising resemblance to modern-day policy innovations." — Kirkus Reviews

"The book is written for readers who have a very limited knowledge of money and banking matters and the style is informal at times...The second half of the book presents well the scheme [developed by Edison] and the context in which it was created, as well as the reaction to it." — Eric Tymoigne, Lewis and Clark College, on EH.net (owned and operated by the Economic History Association)

"A sprightly treatment balancing historical and theoretical 'angels' on the head of Edison's 'pin.' Brings to light an important and generally forgotten period of sharp economic change following World War I." — Jerry Calton, University of Hawaii-Hilo


Was world-famous inventor Thomas Edison ahead of his time with his innovative 1920's-era plan to radically change the U.S. monetary system? Can we learn anything from him that applies to the present day? Hammes suggests we can.

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